Affordable Housing

LEMD properties inc. is a Winnipeg and Brandon based rental properties company, specializing in single family houses.

Contact Info

Tel: (204) 515-1974
Fax: (204) 202-8565


LEMD properties worked with me to find a property I could feel safe with for me and my family. I almost feel like I listed off what I would want in a rental house and they specifically went out and purchased a house for me and my family to rent!
Jim Friedmont


LEMD properties hired my company to clean their properties in between tenants. They pay for the extreme clean service I offer, most of my other clients only get basic cleaning service when they change tenants. You can tell they want quality homes for their potential tenants.
Jessica Bowry


Your Budget

LEMD properties reduces the cost to rent by entering into 12, 24 and 36 month lease agreements with tenants. The longer your commit to stay at our of our houses, the more your family will save!

Long Term

You can be assured once your are a LEMD properties client and leasing one of our properties, we will make sure your housing expectations are exceeded. Our goal is to keep our clients long term.

We are local

LEMD properties is a local rental properties company starting in 2019 and incorporated in 2022 in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Our inventory is currently limited to Winnipeg, Manitoba and Brandon, Manitoba.